1. UBC 1997 Uniform Building Code Volume 1
  2. UBC 1997 Uniform Building Code Volume 1
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UNIFORM BUILDING CODE. 2–1. Volume 2. Chapters 1 through 15 are printed in Volume 1 of the Uniform Building Code. Chapter STRUCTURAL. Uniform Building Code, Edition, published bythe International Structural Welding Code — Reinforcing Steel, AWS Dl (UBC. UBC Uniform Building Code Volume 1 - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. ubc.

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Ubc 97 Code Pdf

UBCpdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. uniform building code Cross Reference • UBC-IBC • Nonstructural. Uniform Building Code. International Building Code. - 2 -. Chapter 1: Administration. TITLE. THE UNIFORM BUILDING CODE is dedicated to the development of bet- ter building construction and . U.B.C. Supplements. Between new editions of the.

Anas M. Fares Msc. Soil categories are based on the average shear wave velocity in the upper 30 m or blow count of a standard penetration test. Type SF is a soft soil profile requiring a site-specific evaluation. The default profile is SD, probably the most common soil profile in most of California. UBC97 does not use soil profiles directly in the base shear equations. Ca and Cv define ground motion response within the acceleration and velocity-controlled range of the response spectrum. UBCAnas M. Therefore, the prescribed design lateral strengths are considerably lower than needed to maintain a structure in the elastic range.

UBC 1997 Uniform Building Code Volume 1

The near-source factor, Nv, is also used in determining the seismic coefficient Cv for buildings located in seismic zone 4. Hazardous Dangerous Toxic or facilities 1. Special occupancy Day-Care Centers; Nurseries; 1.

Miscellaneous Factories; Private Garages; 1. It is denoted TA if determined by empirical formulas, and TB if determined by analysis. A higher value of R has the effect of reducing the design base shear. For example, for a steel special moment-resisting frame, the factor has a value of 8.

UBC 1997 Uniform Building Code Volume 1

This reflects the fact that a special moment-resisting frame performs better during an earthquake. Concrete frames required by design to be part of the lateral- force-resisting system shall conform to the following: 1. In Seismic Zones 3 and 4 they shall be special moment resisting frames. In Seismic Zone 2 they shall, as a minimum, be intermediate moment-resisting frames.

However, it may be reduced to as little as 0. Therefore, the calculations for W must be done in an orderly tabular form so that overall weights as well as tributary weights can be properly accounted for.

They are measures of expected ground acceleration at a site. They therefore reflect regional seismicity and soil conditions at the site. Long-period buildings are more affected by soft soils than short- period buildings. Most faults in California are classified as type B, while those outside of California, not capable of producing large magnitude events, are classified as inactive, type C faults.

In California, the majority of faults fall into the type B seismic source classification. The San Andreas Fault is one notable exception, receiving a type A seismic source classification.

Most faults outside California are type C seismic source. The ground acceleration that these structures experience may be up to twice the acceleration that more distant structures experience. These amplification factors are acceleration- for short-period structures and velocity- for large-period structures controlled factors. Near source effects are greater for long-period structures i.

In seismic zone 4, they are used in conjunction with the proximity of the building or structure to known faults to determine the seismic coefficients Ca and Cv. The surface projection need not include portions of the source at depths of 10 km or greater.

The largest value of the near- source factor considering all sources shall be used for design. This is then used to determine the seismic coefficient Ca. This is then used to determine Cv. For equal story heights and weights, the distribution of the story forces is linearly, increasing toward the top.

Any significant variation from this triangular distribution indicates an irregular structure. However, torsional shears that are increased by the effects of accidental torsion must be added to direct shears.

Higher redundancy in a structure implies better reliability. Inelastic action of a structure during a major seismic event can cause part of the structure to fail. In civil engineering same is the case, whether it is transportation engineering, bridge engineering, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering or any other discipline, we follow some standards and code.

If you are performing some experiments to know the performance level of certain type of construction material you might have to follow ASTM American Society for Testing Materials which has many volumes and experiments being standardized by professionals and researchers. As already mentioned in the start that Standards play a very important role as far as level of precision and optimism in quality and degree of performance is to maintained and enhanced.

Standards vary from one place to other like the standards we have for America might not be useable in Asian countries like China etc. The reason of this variation in standard is variability in the availability of type of materials available, quality of material. For example the soil of America is very different collectively than that of China or any other country.

Download Uniform Building Code (UBC) 97 full [pdf] - Civil Engineering Codes - Iamcivilengineer

This variation is also present within the country. The seismic zones are different. This variation can be easily observed in civil engineering as every project has different sets of characteristics despite of the fact that even if materials and requirements are taken as same.

International Council of Building Officials having their headquarter in California has published this code for the very first time way back in ICBO was meant to promote Public safety by providing standards and requirements to ensure safe construction. ICBO continued to publish the updated versions of the code approx. In this post I am going to share with you the link to download the code.


Uniform Building Code UBC is divided in to two volumes further divided in to chapters and then further subdivided into sections. Chapter 1 through 15 is included in Volume 1 while Volume 2 contains chapters from 16 through 23 and having Appendix at the end. Tags Books Codes.

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