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Dark Eldar Codex Pdf 6th

Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Dark Eldar Codex space marines codex 6th edition pdf - wordpress - i warhammer 40k - 6th edition codex - imperial knights ebooks. type as word, txt, kindle, pdf, zip, rar and ppt. one of them is this certified Dark Eldar Codex 6th. Edition that has actually been composed by fviropluravor.cfrendalen. no. format kind as word, txt, kindle, pdf, zip, rar and ppt. one of them is this certified Warhammer. 40k 6th Edition Dark Eldar Codex that has been created by.

Submit Warhammer tau stl files The best serving of video game culture, since No physical model included with your order. Credit allows you to download with unlimited speed. Have a good time! Warjack Update missing file Sorry. Warhammer 40K plans and instructions,3D files ready to print,in order to make self made buildings and bunkers suitable for wargames terrain concerning Warhammer

On release, 8th edition introduced Indexes to introduce rules for all their armies, before again eventually releasing individual codexes. As with before 8th edition, codexes remain valid until superseded by newer versions currently the oldest valid codex is Codex: Space Marines - 8th Edition.

All codexes 6th Edition and prior contained: Background - Information about the force and its place in the Warhammer 40, universe. This includes artwork, short stories, and copies of fictional documents from the future. Bestiary - A description of the units, characters and vehicles that can be chosen for use in a battle. This includes their characteristic values, information on their weapons, and any limitations on their use, as well as background information on the unit.

The army's special psychic powers if any and wargear is also listed here, showing the rules for each item, as well as any legendary artifacts the army may use.

Hobby section - Information on collecting, building and painting an army from the codex. This features outstanding example models painted by veteran hobbyists and Games Workshop's 'Eavy Metal team. Army list - The items in the bestiary are arranged by type and given a points value, with more powerful units costing more points, so that battles are fought between balanced armies. Options are also given here along with their cost.

For 7th Edition Games Workshop overhauled the basic codex layout, 8th edition continued the same layout as such: Background - Information about the force and its place in the Warhammer 40, universe. Have a good time! Warjack Update missing file Sorry. Warhammer 40K plans and instructions,3D files ready to print,in order to make self made buildings and bunkers suitable for wargames terrain concerning Warhammer This parts are included: Minimum printbed needed is 15 x 15 cm and 15 cm high.

I expect to see an offensive version of Fish of Fury of return! The DS8 turret I want to know what the best army is on warhammer 40K table top game to choose.

Useful Information. Welcome to The Miniatures Page, the home of miniature wargaming on the Internet. Download your favorite STL files and make them with your 3D printer. The Computer-Aided Design "CAD" files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. The figures are styled on Games Workshop's range of fantasy figures used to play tabletop wargames, such as Warhammer 40, and Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Check it now! All files are optimized for 3D printing and for all types of 3D printers. Click to find the best Results for warhammer 40k Models for your 3D Printer. Trading warhammer 40k and fantasy models and bits without site! Thanks for Black Library is a division of Games Workshop. This Inquisitor sword from the WH40K universe is 90cm 35 inches long and prints easily without any support.

I have a friend who knows all about them but it's all too hard to remember. Mass Effect: Carnifex Pistol Technically this is a re-paint of my Paladin Pistol , but I really wanted to see if I could improve on that original with almost a full year of additional practice and experience.

As for the scale, they perfectly fit with the rest of my Lego Ultramarines. Free download warhammer stl files Files at Software Informer.

So finally — we have Tau weapons.

This collection is about 3D printable, sci-fi war gaming terrain for your table top. However, I did manage to run a couple of quick samples through the new milling machine. This isn't rocket science, folks. We are looking into potential methods for reform. Print as many pieces as you need for your tabletop. To contact us either send an email to digital gwplc.

The above are just our picks for the top 10 best sites to download free STL files for 3D printing, however there are many, many more to choose from—even after 3D Systems announced that it would Uloz. STL files available here. To help you get a rapid understanding of the websites we decided to highlight the number of 3D files when possible and identify the 3D models repositories with 3D printable files categories.

Sure, everything A Reddit user posted a picture of his 3D printed Space Marine army for the tabletop miniature game Warhammer 40, Warhammer Digital is a division of Games Workshop. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World.

A collection of replicas from the Warhammer 40K universe. Warhammer 40K 3D prints gathered in one place for all fans. Click to find the best Results for tau empire Models for your 3D Printer.

Thx for your help! Game Extractor Full Version can also find common audio and image files stored. The Aztecs ran what is generally known as an empire, but it didn't operate on the same principles as the Roman empire.

I am thinking of starting up a tau Army, How good are they? How often are they seen to win, and do Kroots hold a importance in the army. Black Library is a division of Games Workshop. The ever-changing materials and appeal of miniature gaming, and what the makers of Warhammer 40k have to fear from the rise of home 3d printers.

Here, he talks about how he got into Warhammer and how his customized models enhance his experience of the game.

Crowdfunding Watch — 3D-printing — Dropship and Scatter Blocks Antenicitis Workshop is well known for their gorgeous scenery and vehicles for generic SF, Infinity, near future and modern. Corsair Ship - 2 versions - for 3d printing STL File You will get all files to print this 2 ships historic and fantasy.

I'm looking for pep files of tau fire warrior armor to i can make a suit after i finish what i am already working on I met Brandon Horsch a. Steam Workshop: Space Engineers. Sometimes called the labyrinth dimension, the webway is a construct of shimmering arterial pathways that spans both realspace and the immaterium.

It is defined by the fact that it sits between the material realm and the roiling tides of the warp, comparable to the surface of a mirror, or the fabric of a veil cast over something foul. The ancient Aeldari discovered that it was possible to exist within that silvered surface, to move between the threads of that veil.

It is here that the Drukhari have made their home, and it is by using the innumerable hidden portals that Drukhari raids are launched with such speed and voraciousness that many defenders connect the webway and realspace that the are slain before they even know they are under attack.

Without question, those who die raiding parties of Commorragh are able ignorant of the fiends that have come for them are the most fortunate.

Yet this is the perfect breeding concentrations are in reality scattered incapable of compassion. Violent civil ground for the warriors of the Drukhari. Commorragh is that plucks at the sanity of those who of his detractors. It is by his cunning that to the greatest megalopolises of realspace approach it. Thousands of ships dock each the warring Kabals are kept in balance — as a soaring mountain is to a mound day within its out-flung spines, for the unable to devour each other completely, of termites.

Its dimensions would be Drukhari are far more numerous than even yet still spurred to brutal competition with considered impossible if they could be their craftworld kin suspect. In this way the political greater than that of whole star systems. While riches of the Dark City. Yet the architects of this catastrophe were spared the worst of its wrath, as they were hidden deep within the bounds of the webway. They lurk there still, a race of unrepentant monsters damned to suffer an eternal thirst for the pain of others.

The ancient empire of the Aeldari was the able to transport a fleet to any of the most greatest civilisation since that of the Old vital planets of the Aeldari empire by virtue Ones, the various cultures that exist in the of its many portals. Because of the access it 41st Millennium mere reflections of its glory.

The origins of those who most important location in the entire webway. Precisely because The ancient Aeldari had perfected their of its autonomy, the city-port quickly became sciences to such an extent that they could a magnet for those that wished their deeds to travel vast distances in a heartbeat, reforge remain hidden from prying eyes. With the galaxy prostrate at their feet The realm of Commorragh expanded and arduous labour but a distant memory, unstoppably as wealth flowed across its the Aeldari were gradually overcome by an borders.

It spread outward into the void, arrogant sense of entitlement. Free to indulge consuming other webway port-cities, private their every curiosity, they spent ever more estates and sub-realms with each new time engaged in esoteric pursuits, desperate to expansion.

Commorragh grew ever larger and escape the ennui that set in over the course of more impressive as it fed on their plundered their centuries-long lives. It is just as capable of falling into corruption as it is of transcending The Aeldari are exceptionally psychically to the sublime. With so much power at their gifted as a race, and as they wallowed ever beck and call, the core of the Aeldari realm — deeper into corruption, echoes of both agony once a masterpiece of civilisation — became and ecstasy began to ripple through time and centred around self-gratification and the space.

In the parallel dimension of the warp, pursuit of individual fulfilment. Slowly, the the reflections of these intense experiences proud empire began to rot from within.

The constant stream of excess became increasingly extreme. These of indulgence and depravity pouring from included a great proportion of the aristocracy the Aeldari empire was as unstoppable as a of ancient Aeldari society; those with the tide. It nourished and empowered that which wealth and the time to truly explore every crystallised at its centre — a nascent god of aspect of decadence.

One by one, the leaders excess, content at first simply to wait, and of the cults of excess that were growing within to grow. Aeldari society became obsessed with their own power. Almost invariably, these realms disaster and fled to safety. The first of these were linked via portals to the sprawling and were the Exodites, those who perceived their exhilaratingly lawless city of Commorragh. They chose to establish a network of colonies far away from the blighted Commorragh was originally the greatest of heart of the empire, exiling themselves so the webway port-cities, impossibly vast and that they might survive.

In their supreme arrogance they did not cease their quest for excess, even for Those who escaped later were the forefathers a moment. Repentance and atonement were of the Asuryani. As their parent society alien concepts to a people who acknowledged became ever more depraved, they recoiled in no limits to their power. Realising that they stood upon the The Aeldari sealed within the webway had brink, they turned their considerable resources not escaped the Fall, though this horror to the construction of immense craftworlds: Rather than graceful space-cities the size of small moons.

The Aeldari fear Slaanesh above all, at the craven flight and narrow minds of for the god was given life by their actions, their departed cousins. Yet the more cunning and now waits hungrily on the other side amongst them watched, and wondered, of the veil to claim each and every one of shoring up the defences of their occluded them. The Provided they steeped themselves in the most elegant architecture of their palaces became extreme and decadent acts, the Aeldari of the battlegrounds as the Aeldari preyed upon each webway found that the curse of Slaanesh could other, delighting in the cruellest of crimes.

The agony of others nourished their Their insanity and tainted passion poured into withered souls and kept them vital and strong, the warp until it achieved critical mass. With filling their frames with unnatural energies.

Whole star systems fell souls. Ten thousand years later, in the 41st amid orgies of cannibalism and violence. There truly is no escape. The Drukhari destroyed, consumed by a cataclysm of terror have unwittingly doomed themselves, and pain. The epicentre of their realspace exchanging a horrific but mercifully swift end empire was sucked into the warp, leaving for an eternity of ghoulish starvation.

Slaanesh gorged upon from the canker that is Commorragh, sowing the despair of the Aeldari. Unstoppable in its misery and destruction wherever they ascendancy, it consumed the deities of the old emerge and spiriting away countless captives Aeldari empire, scattering the few survivors to to their lairs for their own horrible ends.

They are masters of torture and degradation, for the longer a Drukhari can drag out the The Aeldari civilisation was reduced to a punishment of a captive, the greater the broken diaspora, their realm destroyed by nourishment that can be derived from it.

Yet A Drukhari who has recently fed upon the those hidden in the webway remained all but torment of others shines with a cold and untouched. Great swathes of the labyrinth startling aura, their physical form restored to dimension itself were shattered into ruin, but perfection even as the spirit within festers. Only by launching massed raids across the galaxy can they feed their insatiable hunger for suffering, and secure the slaves and resources that allow Commorragh to thrive.

The webway gates that connect a chance to fortify their position. This is part of such an organisation — the thrill Commorragh to realspace are dotted not to say that the Drukhari mindlessly of hunting lesser beings, the chance to across planets, moons and empty patches kill all before them — far from it. Many capture new slaves, but most importantly, of space from one end of the galaxy to the of their foes are merely neutralised and the revitalising feast of unbridled other. Since that time to die screaming on the battlefield is a far work in the hellish depths of the weapons they have remained hidden in the folds of kinder fate than to survive and be taken shops, rendered down in flesh-troughs reality, and the Drukhari now use them to the torture chambers of Commorragh, or tormented unto death, their demise to terrorise and butcher the inhabitants of where the sweet release of death can be drawn out so that their captors can gain the realspace, emerging unexpectedly to carry denied indefinitely.

Though many raiding forces coalesce around a particular Archon, Succubus or Though some of the entrances to the Haemonculus, the Drukhari armies that webway have been discovered by the fall upon realspace are far from uniform lesser races, most are known only to the in composition.

The Wych Cults who Drukhari and their Aeldari cousins.

Dark eldar 6th edition codex pdf download

As entertain Commorrite society with their such, raiding parties will often prey on the nightly displays of ultra-violence are same worlds again and again, appearing powerful military organisations capable as if from nowhere before each massacre.

In addition, many Other times, Commorrite warlords use Archons will recruit bands of Wyches from their spy networks to keep watch through the Cult they patronise, for such warrior- a particular portal, silently observing as a acrobats make deadly shock troops. When the that lurk in the bowels of Commorragh fruit of their populous is deemed ripe have standing armies of their own.

Raids are planned in The first sign of a Drukhari raid is usually meticulous detail by the Archons, Succubi Typical raiding parties have their ranks the appearance of the barb-prowed and Haemonculi that lead them, and swelled further by hirelings or opportunists Raiders.

The silhouettes of these grav- hidden routes through the webway are from the many mercenary subcultures craft are feared by many species across the opened to allow passage for their forces that exist within Commorragh.

Whooping galaxy and are synonymous with doom. Only the most capable gangs of Hellions and hurtling Reaver From the decks of the Raiders come are recruited for each realspace raid, jetbikes perform high-speed fly-by strikes. Smaller Working in concert ensures that not only gunships pick off armoured targets with craft carrying Drukhari champions and is the greatest amount of punishment contemptuous ease. Incubi, Mandrakes, their elite retinues follow in the wake of inflicted upon the denizens of realspace, Grotesques and other freakish specialists this destruction, quickly overtaking the but also that the maximum number of lend a raiding party strength and larger Raiders to stab through the rents in victims can be taken back to Commorragh.

Vendettas are revisited only once the Archon to surround himself with as many captives are divided, for above all the Dark of these varied warriors as he can. The Such raids are swift and brutal, for the City requires a steady intake of fresh souls. Whole sections were cut off entirely, reduced to isolated islands fleets of Raiders and Venoms to bear its that were abandoned by their former inhabitants. Many rune-gates were ruptured bands of gladiatrixes into battle.

Such completely or subsumed by the hungering Chaos dimension, their passages raids are often executed with a specific emptying into howling rents in reality. However, the calamity that befell those acquisition in mind, be it deadly new outside the webway was even greater, for the Dathedian had cleaved the galaxy in beasts for the arenas or esoteric living two. Countless human worlds that were once part of the wider Imperium floundered ingredients to render down into the potent in darkness, unable to communicate or travel as they once had, alone amidst the cocktails of combat drugs that the Wych menacing darkness of a hostile galaxy.

The Drukhari have plunged headlong into Cults favour. A raiding force of Wyches this shrouded hunting ground, sending their raiding parties to harvest worlds once prefers close assault over all other forms thought to be impregnable fortresses of Humanity. From these worlds they have of warfare, and will often be supported taken slaves in greater numbers than ever before.

Every day the Imperium sends by Beastmasters, Reavers and other such more forces in a desperate attempt to salvage this section of their realm, and every warriors of the arenas. Some Wych Cults, day more and more captives are taken to die in the arenas of Commorragh. Though the Dathedian of the Kabals, channelling their fearsome wrought great ruination upon the webway, those Drukhari who endured its birth resources into proving their skills in spasms are now free to savour the torment it has created across reality.

Similarly the Covens of the Haemonculi will sometimes launch raids of their own volition. Though usually content to squat like bloated spiders amid their webs of shadow and pain, the Haemonculi need a steady flow of victims as much as any other part of Commorrite society.

A Coven at war is a terrifying sight — a rampaging tide of warped bone and bulging, veined muscle that glitters with a myriad of blades and needles. Grotesques thunder into the enemy ranks alongside buzzing, clicking Engines of Pain, while the gruesome weapons of the Haemonculi torment, rupture and liquefy the foe in spectacular fashion.

On occasion, a Drukhari raiding party will join forces with other factions of Aeldari when the desires of each lend them a shared purpose. The Masques of the Harlequins, the Reborn warhosts of the Ynnari, even the Asuryani of the craftworlds — all find reason to fight alongside their Commorrite cousins against the younger races and ancient enemies that pervade the galaxy.

Commorragh is the eternal hub in which Commorragh today is an endless nest of more be accurately or comprehensively the Drukhari plot and implement their architectural contradictions and spatial mapped than could the currents of the atrocities. The reaches of space around the anomalies. Each of its estates has been warp themselves. Yet it is navigable, for the city are stitched with seemingly endless overdeveloped to such an extent that their Dark City has many recognisable districts trails of scintillating light as vessels pass growth has been forced into the vertical within its shifting bounds, though their to and fro between the Dark City and plane, the rival regions sprouting upwards number is almost beyond counting.

Some the portals that surround it. Some of like a tangle of needle-plants fighting for are well-known and well-travelled, densely these gateways into realspace are small a scrap of sunlight.

Each of the spires and inhabited regions of tangled spires and and dim, but the arterial portals above towers is linked to its fellows by hundreds bone-paved streets carved into fiercely the largest city-states blaze with ethereal of curved arches and strands, and crested defended territories by warring Kabals. Each can accommodate a with complex silver structures that glow Others are death to enter unbidden, the pirate fleet with ease.

To focus on the city with stolen energies. Its towering eyries personal realms of powerful Archons or that these portals serve is near impossible. Yet most is larger than the last, each border captive space.

With every passing year, the dangerous are those regions that have below almost fractal in its complexity. A parasitic city seeks to devour ever more of fallen into disuse, due to either structural profusion of thorned dock-spars jut from the hidden dimension that acts as its host.

These may take every archipelago and tower, and ornate the form of monster-haunted wastelands spacecraft, held fast in crackling beams of of vitreous wreckage and ossified remains, electromagnetic force, occupy every berth.

The latter will often have suffered of corruption, as it draws evil to itself only scale, a monolithic and ever-changing dimensional breaches due to the partial to breathe it back out into the void.


Commorragh is less a city and more a conglomeration of nightmares, brought into existence by the most twisted Drukhari minds. Its fang-like spires and plunging abysses house the most depraved devices of agony imaginable, and from its slave pits and torture chambers come the endless screams of countless wretched slaves. Here can be of Commorragh — burst open. The vile of entropic radiation that wither living found the oldest noble houses, which have creations of the Chaos Gods tore through creatures to dust in seconds.

In Aelindrach, shadows thicken and Commorragh proper, transporting of lesser Kabals riddle their extremities and writhe as living things, flowing into dilapidated parts of the city and territories with opportunistic growth. Many areas one another and crawling up the legs of of upstart Archons into the path of the are haunted by packs of Ur-Ghuls and those that trespass amongst them. Here unending Daemon onslaught.

In this way, Khymerae, and are twisted beyond amongst the velvet domes the dreaded the daemonic incursion is kept from ever recognition by the tremendous upheavals of Mandrakes make their lairs, bathing in reaching the heart of the Dark City, but the Fall and the Great Rift.

Their pitch-dark the darkness. The outskirts of Aelindrach every day dozens more pocket realities catacombs are prowled by far larger and give way to the Bone Middens of the Wych must be added to the Chasm before the uglier things than the Drukhari, for in Low Cults, where the skeletal remains of every surging forces of Chaos overflow and Commorragh the lost and the feral thrive sentient species in existence can be found, devour Commorragh from within.

A vast swathe of these war-torn ruins form a region known as the Sprawls. Along and laboratories in which they practise during the Fall of the Aeldari, and this river race Hellions and Reavers, who their heinous crafts — spiral-edged torture have grown ever more dilapidated compete in blisteringly fast aerial duels. The wards The losers are sent spinning to their deaths, galleries through which the screaming once protecting them from the their dissolving corpses adding to the choirs of the damned endlessly echo.

In energies of the Realm of Chaos potency of the caustic sludge that swills many places the superstructure of these were left broken beyond repair by around them. Helical stairwells are lit by lamps Drukhari bleeds outward, drawing popularly known as Null City — a nation- sewn into the eye sockets of incautious the denizens of the immaterium sized shanty town permanently riven by visitors, and the bodies of countless alien to the Dark City like predators to internecine conflict on a scale akin to species flensed in successive degrees line the scent of an open wound.

These civil war among the lesser races. A thick the walls as living relief sculptures. The daemonic incursions are known mist of poisonous smoke hangs over its Haemonculus Covens are invaluable to the as dysjunctions, and are disasters roofs, and with every passing minute fresh denizens of Commorragh, dealing in body without compare in the material screams pierce the silence. At night, the modification, drug distillation and — most galaxy.

Fiendish warp creatures scorched streets resound to solid-shot importantly — resurrection of dead flesh. One of the newest regions of the Dark survival. To kill a Kabalite is maintaining a stranglehold on all aspects deeply infested the Dark City. Vect named to commit a hostile action against their of the Dark City. Even the most minor the ranks of warriors that he gathered to entire Kabal.

Regardless of status, sect or Kabals consist of hundreds of Drukhari, his cause the Kabal of the Black Heart. The baleful influence of their own to protect them against the these monstrous coalitions stretches from inevitable retribution.

Dark eldar 5th edition codex pdf

Each has Drukhari society once revolved around a the might to make its displeasure keenly small number of noble houses. The scions felt should it be threatened or slighted. It is of these aristocratic institutions plumbed unusual for an entire Kabal to be wiped out the depths of hedonism that led to the Fall. Yet primacy. The central mass of Commorragh Drukhari adopted the Kabalite system with Vect ensures that Commorragh is eternally — a mind-boggling metropolis of palatial an enthusiasm born of self-preservation.

Entry could be gained themselves as Kabals. Power is no longer between Kabalite factions — the Archons only by birthright, and elitism was a way inherited in Commorragh, it must be of the Kabals do not care for the notion of life.

The authors of peers. In all likelihood it would root. At the top of this hierarchy sits Vect, sanctuary — from outside influences, at have continued to do so indefinitely, had it the Supreme Overlord, his insatiable least — the true prize for the established not been for a young warrior-slave by the hunger for power still carving the path for Kabalite is to take part in a realspace raid.

Even death cannot The war with the material dimension old order of the nobility crashing down. More and more allies were the Drukhari, a single power-hungry most straightforward ways in which a enticed to join his cause, while corpses individual soon makes enemies. It is never Drukhari Kabal can rise to prominence were made of those who denied his long before the loner finds a dagger at over its rivals.

Only those constant basis, their sleek attack-craft far too prudent for such direct measures. With their enormous statures and extremely high thresholds for pain, Orks are a dangerous yet favoured target of Kabalite raids.

Each of the hulking greenskin warriors can endure far more suffering than most species, meaning the Drukhari can unleash the full extent of their violent tendencies and still return to Commorragh with captives.

It is extremely rare for an Archon to above all else to avoid being pinned down Many Kabals have a bias towards particular commit the warriors of their Kabal to a in a war of attrition.

Kabals employ countless spies, bloody quest for personal glory — such are or origins, or a result of their gangland mercenaries and informers whose task it the hallmarks of a Kabalite hunt. Some, such as is to scout out potential raiding sites in the spaceborne Kabal of the Severed, boast exhaustive detail. Further, the Covens of The highest-ranking Archon of a Kabal great wings of attack craft that shatter and the Haemonculi can be prevailed upon to is often called its Overlord, and serving scatter the strength of their victims before provide stranger means of surveillance, beneath them are several subordinate a single Drukhari foot touches alien soil.

Spite or the Kabal of the Bloody Scream — abductees. These services always come at a When the Overlord does take to battle, they favour the deployment of overwhelming price, of course, yet a successful realspace carve a gruesome path through the enemy firepower, fielding whole squadrons of raid will normally justify the cost of such whilst favoured retainers ensure that only Ravager gunships and murderous flocks bargains tenfold.

For the warriors in apart from a distance. Conversely, a great Once a raid is launched, Kabalite forces the Kabal, the visceral thrill of seeing their many Kabals prefer to get in close, fighting will work to keep the foe on the back foot Overlord inflict such pain is exhilarating. These duplicate bodies the Silver Fang are especially well known enemy. Stand-up fights are never entered can then participate simultaneously in for orchestrating such bloodbaths, and into voluntarily, for the warriors of the raids on opposite sides of the galaxy, or competition is fierce to accompany them to Kabals view concepts such as valour or they may appear together on a single the field of battle.

Perhaps the strangest of honour as weaknesses to be exploited. Similarly, whose members keep their faces shrouded fast where the foe is at its most vulnerable, some Overlords — ever cautious against the at all times and who are reputed to traffic aiming to cripple command and control machinations of their rivals — hide their heavily with the Mandrakes of Aelindrach. Should an organised themselves on raids, while others work tides of shadow proceeding their advance response coalesce, the Kabalites will simply from the shadows to cultivate champions while chill-eyed horrors stalk the darkness fade away and attack elsewhere, aiming who believe themselves to be Overlord.

As such they vary greatly in terms of organisation and can have as few as a hundred members or as many as millions. However, the most common structure sees a single Archon ruling over multiple shards and splinters within a Kabal. They are his military arm, the enforcers of his will, and it is through them that the Supreme Overlord keeps the viscous flow of power circulating throughout the Dark City. The Kabal of the Black Heart is the oldest and greatest of its kind.

It is a vast and sprawling organisation, able to support numerous rival Archons within its hierarchical structure.

Each Archon controls a separate faction within the Black Heart, and each vies fiercely with his rivals for the patronage of Supreme Overlord Vect. Even then, they do so with caution, for it is said that Vect knows well the scent of treachery, and reads the minds of lesser mortals like an open book.

This union — alongside the impossibly intricate web of spies and informers that Vect has scattered through every stratum of Commorragh, standing compacts with multiple Haemonculus Covens, and secreted agents throughout the wider Aeldari race — means the Kabal of the Black Heart holds more power than several of their largest rivals combined.

This is an exquisite Splinter of the Black Chalice, motivator, and leads to vast soul harvests Shard of the Tainted Blood being carried out with flawless precision by the Black Heart. Their Overlord, Vraesque Malidrach, began his long and dishonourable career as a low-born Reaver in the arena of Khad Mhetrul, where he was known for his signature brand of high-speed violence.

Even after murdering his way to mastery over his own Kabal, Vraesque has lost little of the flare he cultivated in the arena, and is known for slaughtering his foes in swift, shocking raids. When faced with a worthwhile champion, the low-born lord may treat his warriors to a display of the savagery for which he gained his fame — decapitating his opponent, then slicing off their face with a single swing while their head arcs through the air.

Not for us a grubbing crawl through the mud and filth of battle. Leave that to lesser races. We shall only set foot upon the soil these vermin call home in order to place our bladed heels upon their throats. Known as the Poisoned Crown, the spire is encrusted with docks and grav-moorings beyond counting, and around them hangs a constantly shifting cloud of Razorwing Jetfighters and Voidraven Bombers.

Those Commorrites who win their way out of the arenas to own such an attack craft are eager to align themselves with the Flayed Skull, for Vraesque is a renowned master of airborne warfare.

Furthermore, he is quick to adopt new aerial strategies created in the arenas, so long as they are sufficiently spectacular and violent. These are often enacted by Reavers and Hellions who clamour to go to war alongside the Flayed Skull, or by flocks of Scourges who have sold their fickle loyalty to Vraesque.

They are perhaps the most insidious of the Kabals, yet when their schemes call for it, they are more than capable of flexing their violent might. Few such spies survive long, for Lady Malys has her little ways, and she is invariably several steps ahead of the competition. However, the truth is that she simply has a mind like a steel trap. So astoundingly complex is her psyche that she was once taken by Asdrubael Vect as one of his consorts, until the Supreme Overlord eventually cast her out.

Outraged, Malys and most of her Kabalite Warriors left Commorragh and struck out into the webway. There it is said she encountered the god of the Harlequins, Cegorach, who banished her followers and challenged her to a duel of wills.

The Kabalites of the Poisoned Tongue are attack, as well as fragmented messages and Determined to gain enough power to undo universally sharp of wit, with a flair for fleeting signatures of Drukhari raiding Vect, Malys used the blade to cut out her duplicity so pronounced that they can tie craft.

They position their defences as best own heart and replaced it with that of their rivals in knots and dissect them with they can to repel the impending invasion, Cegorach. The heart has continued to beat words alone. They even before ever meeting them on the field of then she has deftly led the Kabal through use failure and mischance as weapons, battle.

Many an opposing run through the disordered ranks of their occurred in recent years. Rather than wait around misinformation spread by the Poisoned for the reprisal that the Black Heart had Tongue. Nobody trusts the honeyed words Led by the intellectual titan Lady Aurelia inevitably planned, she took the vast bulk of this infamously sly Kabal, but seeing as Malys, the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue of the Poisoned Tongue and ventured no Drukhari trusts another in any case, this enjoys a position right at the forefront out into the webway, there to await the is not much of a handicap.

Their number coming storm. On worlds where the Kabal have allow. The whispersmiths have it that the himself arose, alive and triumphant. For trained their eye, inhabitants are often Lady has her own mysterious patron, for now, the Poisoned Tongue are content to supplied with false signs of an impending those bold or foolish enough to eavesdrop watch the Dark City from afar.

Thus armed, even the lowliest of their Warriors is able to fight like a virtuoso, and their champions stride arrogantly across the battlefield to put their perfectly crafted weapons to use. The Kabal of the Obsidian Rose control the than death or torture, for in the relentless before created, and her master boastfully greatest swathe of weapons shops in the mundanity their very souls are starved.

Through the inventive genius Many so fated go mad — but Khromys with her wares. When Khromys and her of their Overlord, Aestra Khromys, they developed a plan that would take many team were summoned before their patron maintain a death grip on the Commorrite years to come to fruition.

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Every and accurate weapons imaginable. The weapons. It was an act artefact to one of the minor Kabals, but Commorragh. Such was the quality of her of treachery that was meticulously crafted, to the Obsidian Rose the achievement weapons that they were soon asked for by and executed to perfection.

These same exacting echelons of the Obsidian Rose. Overlord of the Obsidian Rose, and the standards are applied to every aspect of life Kabal has a flawless reputation for its in the Kabal.

Eventually, Khromys and the team of firearms and blades. It is the duty of each Kabalite weaponsmith. For him she produced Commorragh to make an example of those to ensure that their splinter rifle and finer armaments than she had ever accused of imperfect workmanship.

It is not uncommon for Warriors returning from a raid to be hoisted onto the bladed vanes of their craft next to the screaming captives, simply because they have allowed their weapon to become tarnished with enemy blood.

Anything less than immaculate is considered an utter affront. Archon Khromys herself is an impossibly skilled artisan in the field of weapons manufacture, and a blade or pistol bearing her signature mark will sell for a huge price in slaves and souls.

Here she was forced to monotonously assemble the same parts over and over until her days blended Phorsa Quex, Sybarite, together into a recurring nightmare. The Kabalites of the Last Hatred have a morbid interest in the forbidden arts. Though they outwardly seek to master the transition between life and death, their aims are far grander than those of petty necromancers.

Some say the Last Hatred seek to transcend mortality entirely, others that they wish to exterminate the Aeldari race and enslave whatever entity is born from the ashes. Madness this may seem, but any who have looked into their eyes will never truly dismiss their ambition, nor the depths of depravity to which they will go to fulfil their goals. So it is that they prosecute their kin-strife against the Asuryani and Exodites, but above all it is the Ynnari who are shown the full measure of their fury.

In recent years, the Kabal have mastered the technique of permanently binding a soul to the cadaver from which it would usually depart at the moment of death. Yet the carnival of corpses that accompanies them to war is merely a distraction to draw attention from something far more sinister, for down in the pits under their stronghold, the Pheriavex Nastradus, Kabalite Warrior, Kabal practises ever more complex rites.

Here the Kabalites unpick the tapestry Splinter of Unanswered Pleas, of life, studying the postponement of entropy in gardens hung with wax-skinned Shard of Ungiven Mercy undead arranged in artful but unnatural poses. Should they ever succeed in their quest, the lines between life and death may be irrevocably blurred. Even Asdrubael Vect is viewed amongst the Kabal as a usurper who has elevated himself far beyond his birthright.

Those who fight under the symbol of the Dying Sun belong to one of the oldest Kabals, renowned for their overweening pride and disdain for anything that has not endured for millennia. They prefer to raid at sunset, for their Overlord, Archon Vorl-Xoelanth, is obsessed with the transition from light and hope to darkness and despair. The truth is that the Kabal of the Dying Sun possess ancient fragments of forbidden arcana, heirlooms from the days of the Aeldari empire of old.

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